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  • Your Big Day Posted on 01 February 2019


    From the new company, Your Big Day Ltd, comes a really innovative video gift for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and more - narrated by its Chairman, the broadcaster and former BBC & ITN newscaster Sir Martyn Lewis.

    Whatever date and year (covering most of the last century) which you, your family or friends are celebrating, there is a 5-6 minute video to match, culled from the archives of ITN and Reuters going back as far as 1917.  Celebrities, royalty, news, fashions, cars - even house prices - what life was like way back in time - with your personal message to the recipient embedded in the opening titles of the video !

    Ordered online; delivered online, via an email link, on any date and at any time of day you choose.  And you, the sender, get a copy as well, so you can see what you have sent.  
    All for just £9.95 which includes a £2 donation from the Your Big Day team to Dementia Pathfinders.

    Click here for direct link to our co-branded charity page.

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