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  • Dementia Pathfinders Annual Presentation Event 2019 Posted on 15 April 2019


    Dementia Pathfinders is pleased to invite colleagues and supporters to our annual presentation event, which will take place on:

    Thursday, 11th July 2019, 10.00am - 5.00pm
    St Luke’s Community Centre, 90 Central Street, London EC1V 8AJ


    There will be several workshops and presentations taking place throughout the day. You are welcome to book any of the sessions you are interested in or attend the entire day.


    Registration at 10.00am 

    Exhibitions with partner organisations, 'Memories Disco' with Mycal Miller and networking, in Garden Room


    In the morning we will be hosting two playreadings of 'Hello my name is...' a play about the life and campaigning work of Dr Kate Granger, written by Brian Daniels, with Marie Fortune and special guest Chris Pointon  Please use the links below to register your attendance:


    Also in the morning, we will be running three workshops including 'Bibliotherapy' Workshop with Sharon Dunscombe, 'Circle Dance and Music Making for People with Dementia' with Olivia McLennan and 'The Power of Learning from the Lived Experience of Dementia' with Keith Oliver. Please use the links below for further information and to register your attendance:


    The afternoon's programme will feature presentation of two awards: Margaret Butterworth Awardrecognising excellence in dementia care for care workers, health care assistants and activity organisers and John Gregory Williamson Memorial Awardrecognising and rewarding one creative project, that is demonstrably improving the lives of people living with dementia and their families.

    Followed by a drumming session facilitated by Ray Watters from 'Drum With Us'. Please use the link below for further information and to register your attendance:


    There will also be an opportunity for networking throughout the day.

    5.00pm - Close


    About the Play
    #hellomynameis... is an internationally recognised campaign encouraging person-centred, compassionate care through meaningful communication - both verbal and non-verbal. The campaign was initiated by the late Dr Kate Granger and her husband, Chris Pointon.  

    Kate was cared for by St Gemma’s Hospice Leeds during the latter stages of her illness until her death on 23 July 2016.  To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the founding of St Gemma’s Hospice, the award-winning playwright, Brian Daniels, was commissioned to write a play about Kate and Chris’s journey, before, during and after Kate’s cancer diagnosis.  
    Dr Kate Granger was an outstanding geriatrician. She became a consultant in her early 30s and her future looked bright. She and her husband, Chris, were planning their future life when she was diagnosed with a rare and virulent cancer. Overnight she became a patient and observed life from a hospital bed. During numerous encounters with a wide range of medical and healthcare professionals Kate felt she was losing a sense of her personal identity. Then a porter named Brian arrived to take her to the operating theatre. He introduced himself saying, ‘Hello, my name is Brian and I’m going to take care of you’. Those words restored Kate’s feeling of self-worth and, knowing she was in palliative care, resolved to “make a difference”. She started a campaign for those engaged in health and social care to introduce themselves with ‘Hello, my name is...’ and a smile. The campaign was born and has now achieved worldwide recognition.  
    The play tells the story of personal heartbreak, resolve and determination to make the world of healthcare a better place. You will laugh, you will cry but most importantly you will never forget that it’s the little things that make a difference.

    Some audience feedback:
    “Real people, real story, real feelings and emotions. Really, really moving.”
    “Gained more understanding into Dr Kate's journey and the importance of person-centred care delivery.”
    “Very moving, made me very humble to work with an amazing team whose ethos is 'hellomynameis'. Liked hearing about the journey.”
    “Inspiring, hugely powerful story and legacy.”.
    “Very moving and inspirational, a MUST for anyone working with vulnerable people.”
    “The truly inspirational story of an extremely brave lady whose legacy will live on.”
    “Absolutely life changing and career inspiring story. Thank you for the opportunity to see this amazing story and be inspired and humbled by Dr Kate and Chris.”

    The playreading will be followed by audience discussion and Q&A with the actors, playwright and a special guest, Chris Pointon.


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